HoneyBell Tangelos

HoneyBell Tangelos

HoneyBells & Navel Combo

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Available: January
Honeybells: One of the juiciest, sweetest, Florida citrus.

Years ago, Honeybell Tangelos were Florida's best kept secret ... the sweetest, brightest, juiciest piece of fruit you could get in the Winter.

Only select groves grew Honeybells back then and Florida natives knew that these "honey" sweet, bell-shaped gems were ripe and ready to enjoy for just a short season in January ... when it was "Honeybell Timein Florida!"

Now, from coast to coast, everyone knows how delicious Honeybells are. They've become Florida's most popular gourmet fruit.

Taste just one and you'll understand why the demand is so great. But, as every Honeybell lover knows, they still are only available in January.

In order to enjoy all the Honeybell Tangelos you want this year, we encourage you to 
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